Candy Corn And Cavities: Make Tooth Friendly Halloween Alternatives

The month of October is especially fun for children. Getting to pick out a Halloween costume and starting fall activities is an exciting time. Halloween is one of the worst times for teeth though. With trick or treating comes the overload of sugar, which can lead to bad habits as well as tooth decay. If you are looking for ways to help children enjoy the holidays but worry for their teeth, here are some ways to make Halloween healthy.

2 Dental Replacement Alternatives to Waiting for a Dental Implant Crown

Dental implants are a stable, attractive replacement option for a missing tooth. The procedure usually involves several stages interspersed with healing periods. So from start to finish, the implant process can take months to complete. If your missing tooth is at the front of your mouth, you might not want to wait that long with an open gap. Luckily, there are a couple of different cosmetic dentistry options for tooth replacement that don't leave you with an open gap for months at a time.

What Are Those White Spots On My Teeth? And Did My Braces Cause Them?

So you have braces and you've noticed small white spots appearing on your teeth. This whiteness is called tooth demineralization and it is a serious problem. Understanding demineralization, why it commonly occurs with braces, and how to prevent and treat it can help you sidestep this issue.     Demineralization Definition Tooth demineralization is the decay of the tooth enamel caused by the loss of the minerals that help keep it strong.

Dental Health For Athletes

Each year, five million teeth are knocked out of people's mouths, often during football and hockey games. Contact sports are extremely dangerous to teeth. If you or a family member play sports, you need to take preventative measures to keep your teeth where they belong. If the worst happens, you also have several options to replace those lost in the pursuit of athletic glory. Prevention Dental guards should be worn religiously by athletes who chance suffering blows to the teeth.

Teeth Whitening: 3 Myths Dispelled

Whitening your teeth can lead to a boost in confidence, and it's a great way to take care of any staining or spots that you acquire over your day-to-day life. While whitening is a popular procedure, there are still many myths surrounding it. Read more below about three common myths and the facts behind them. Myth #1: Whitening Will Lead to Sensitivity Sensitivity is a common reason that many individuals decide against teeth whitening.