3 Tips For Seeking A New Dentist

Are your teeth in bad shape? If so and you haven't been to the dentist in years due to the fear of dental work, then selecting a dentist to care for your smile can be a tough decision to make. So, when selecting a dentist, there are many things to keep in mind to help you have a comfortable and easy experience. A few things to keep in mind are the following:

Helpful Information About Getting A Fixed Porcelain Bridge

Did you end up losing teeth after suffering from periodontitis? If your oral health is now in good shape and you are tired of the embarrassment of missing teeth, you might want to consider getting a fixed porcelain bridge. Find out in this article what you should know about a fixed porcelain bridge to determine if getting one installed is in your best interest. What Is a Fixed Porcelain Bridge?

2 Simple Tips To Avoid Suffering From Halitosis If You Wear Dentures

Halitosis is caused when food and bacteria are allowed to build up in your mouth. The result is often an unpleasant smell. While bad breath can happen to anyone, the problem is common in people who wear dentures. Many denture wearers may not know that dentures trap bacteria, food and plaque in your mouth. Therefore, you have to work extra hard to keep your mouth clean or you risk bacterial infection. While halitosis can be embarrassing to deal with out in public, the problem is not permanent.

How To Care For Your Infant's Dental Health

From cradle cap to diaper rash, your baby is bound to have lots of little health issues that are more time consuming to deal with than actually a problem. However, as kids learn healthy habits from their parents and what they were exposed to when they were young, your child's dental health falls in between those categories of "time consuming" and "worrying" and becomes an area you're stuck wondering exactly how to care for – especially when baby doesn't have their first tooth yet.

3 Reasons Your Dentist Is Suggesting A Dental Implant After Your Extraction

After performing an extraction, your dentist may suggest that you replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. Here are a few reasons why: Jawbone Stimulation When a natural tooth is in place, pressure from chewing is transferred from the crown of the tooth to the tooth root and subsequently, to the bone of the jaw. This transference of pressure has a stimulating effect for the bone. When a missing tooth is replaced with a dental implant, stimulation of the bone at the extraction site is still performed.