Treatment Steps When Your Child Knocks Out An Adult Tooth

Children often knock out a tooth due to activity-related trauma. If your child has knocked out an adult or permanent tooth, immediately look for the tooth if your child doesn't still have it. Possessing the tooth makes the dental treatment process a lot easier. How can your family dentistry specialist help if your child has knocked out, but found, an adult tooth? Replantation Having the natural tooth that was broken out allows the dentist to perform a procedure called replantation.

3 Primary Options To Save Your Child's Infected Tooth

Just like adults, children can end up with damaged primary or baby teeth that cause them a lot of pain. If your child is constantly suffering from pain and sensitivity in a particular tooth, you need to take your child into their dentist as soon as possible.  The Cause Of Your Child's Pain Generally, pain and sensitivity focused around a particular tooth occurs when the pulp inside of your child's tooth becomes infected.

How To Help Your Teenagers Maintain Excellent Dental Care

Remember when your kids were little and you could monitor their dental care closely? You might have even made charts and given them rewards for how many times they brushed and flossed their teeth. You probably read them books like Curious George Visits The Dentist and Ben Goes To The Dentist. Now that you have teenagers, you may have already realized that you need to take a different approach to their dental care.

Save the Tooth: Extractions Can Cause a Chain Reaction of Future Dental Issues

Does a toothache have you in so much pain that you are planning to go to your dentist to have the tooth extracted? If so, take a moment to understand why it is better to try to salvage your damaged tooth than get it removed.  Cost Effective The idea to get your tooth extracted may initially seem like the cheapest way to get you well. However, you need to look beyond the initial extraction visit.

Stop Destroying Your Smile: 3 Brutal Dental Habits You Need To Break Right Now

Everyone has a few bad habits up their sleeve, but most don't realize just how much of an impact that they can have. This is particularly true with a poor dental habits, which can easily undermine all of your persistent efforts to brush and floss twice a day to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Here are three bad dental-related habits that you'll want to break because they're seriously putting your teeth and overall oral health at risk: